Through my work I approach the body as a place in which we inhabit, it is both an instrument used for creation and also a vessel for thinking and experiencing. Architecture can be considered as a container for the body whilst its presence is a trace of thoughts and actions. This approach has led to an exploration of the tension between interior and exterior, a tension which can be found in the built environment and also in the relationships between thought and bodily action.


I aim to explore relationships between thought, bodily action and materials. In particular I’m interested in acts of thinking through the engagement with materials. To do this, I employ strategies of limitations. These limitations produce conditions which allow the possibility for discovery and improvisation to occur.


I’m an emerging Adelaide based artist working across sculpture, installation and drawing. Since completing a Bachelor Degree of Visual Art (Honours) in 2015 at Adelaide Central School of Art I have been selected to be part of both the 2015 and 2016 Helpmann Academy Graduate Show. I was the 2016 recipient of the praxis ARTSPACE residency.


I can be reached at